A Look Inside the Former Home of Warren Jeffs - Hildale

Figure 1: Brielle Decker at the former home of Warren Jeffs in Hildale. Decker is in the process of converting the massive home into a multi-use facility.
Figure 2: Entry room.
Figure 3: Warren's room.
Figure 4: Warren room, detail.
Figure 5: Mirror in the bathroom.
Figure 6: Light.
Figure 7: Light.
Figure 8: The Prayer room.
Figure 9: The Prayer room.
Figure 10: The Prayer room.
Figure 11: The Prayer room.
Figure 12: View of the backyard from a balcony.
Figure 13: Commercial grade kitchen.
Figure 14: Light switches, dining room.
Figure 15: Dining room.
Figure 16: Dining room.
Figure 17: Dining room, detail
Figure 18: Gathering room.
Figure 19: Hidden door leading to secret chamber.
Figure 20: Pray and Obey.


Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
Figure 4
Figure 5
Figure 6
Figure 7